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In the recent past, the only businesses that could afford to accept payments digitally were medium to large businesses that had the funds to build sophisticated eCommerce websites, procure a POS machine or qualify to receive one for free from a financial institution. This has greatly limited smaller stores and merchants on social platforms from adopting a standardised digital payment method. Many rely on cash or manual bank transfers which are highly unpredictable and difficult to reconcile.

To solve this problem, Tingg Africa has developed a simple technology that eliminates the need for an eCommerce website or a POS machine before you receive payments from your customers. Tingg is a digital payment platform that allows all types of businesses, both physical and online, to send and receive payments as well as manage business transaction reports all from one single account. Here are three alternative payment methods that you can offer your buyers through Tingg.

Accept Online Payments Your Way Using Tingg Africa
Accept online payments with ease and versatility on Tingg Africa today. We have a wide range of payment solutions to empower your business with and a simple payment reporting dashboard where you can manage all your collections from multiple payment methods from one single view. Visit today to get started.
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