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Sir Patrick Bijou | Sir Patrick Bijou - UN Ambassador | Diplomat | Investment Banker | Author. Sir Patrick Bijou is an international business leader who has published extensively in... Read More

Sir Patrick Bijou is a notable investment banker who uses money to serve humanity while making investors a good return. World Peace Tracts Chairman and Diplomat. Sir Patrick Bijou is... Read More

London, United Kingdom · Sir Patrick Bijou is a Level 17 Investment banker and Fund Manager. He is a UN Ambassador for UNWPA, philanthropist, and best-selling author. Sir Patrick Bijou... Read More

H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou (amụrụ 1958) bụ onye na-ahụ maka itinye ego na Britain, onye nnọchi anya United Nations na World Peace Tracts, Onye ọka ikpe kachasị elu maka ICJ-ICC,... Read More

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