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This is a gold chip ambience lamp that transforms the feel-good factor in your car. It is an amazing product with many unique features.
Size: It is the sleekest strip that has ever come out till date.
Continuity: The brightness in the strip is so even that it looks the same throughout.
Brightness: The product is very vibrant, even on a bright sunny day.
App Control: This is totally controlled via a mobile app (available on Android and iPhones) in which the colours can be changed, the brightness can be controlled, and it also offers 24 flow modes, just like the way we get in all luxury cars.
Voice Control: This light can be totally operated via voice commands. Changing colours and modes, as well as switching it on or off, can be controlled by a normal Indian English accent.
Universal: Irrespective of that being any car, it can be installed in it.
Area coverage: the dashboard, door pads, bottle holders, door handles, and floor area too.