Industrial Switches Help Realize Industry 4.0

The technical realization of Industry 4.0 is first the horizontal connection within the automation system, that is, the deep integration of control, drive, low-voltage power distribution and other systems through a unified platform and a single programming environment; The second is the vertical connection between the lower field sensing and data acquisition layer, the middle device control layer and the upper enterprise management system. Finally, it is based on mobile and virtualization technologies to achieve humanized, interactive and more effective remote management. All the above must be based on the communication network of open standards and unified protocols to achieve mutual communication between industrial switches in the factory.

In the era of Industry 4.0, why can't we choose ordinary Ethernet switches? Most factory automation control devices now have network interfaces or serial ports for data communication with computers. Serial port devices can be converted into network devices and connected with Ethernet through serial port servers. However, the use of ordinary Ethernet switches cannot meet the requirements of industrial environment. Because ordinary Ethernet switches are designed based on indoor environment, the protection level of dust prevention and electromagnetic interference is very low. The factory is a harsh environment with high dust and high electromagnetic interference. Besides, ordinary Ethernet switch is based on multiplex conflict detection (CSMA/CD mechanism), and external interference is severe, which is very easy to cause network congestion and network paralysis. The factory automation system must use industrial switches to lay industrial Ethernet communication lines.