Italian interior doors – Lualdi

Lualdi is a legendary name in the history of Italian interior door design. Today, the company is run by the fifth generation of the family. Lualdi made an industrial breakthrough in the 1960s thanks to a close collaboration with the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni. The company is proud of its cooperation with some of the most famous architectural names in the world, and with internationally recognized leadership in the production of interior doors.
Product quality and excellence in manufacturing processes are core values of Lualdi. The rich experience and wide knowledge of the company combine the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the most modern industrial production technologies.
The Italian brand is a world leader thanks to the wide range of interior doors that create a perfect symbiosis between technologically new materials and clean lines. From sliding systems and glass hinges to wood paneling and partitions, Lualdi's collections display a strong identity and exceptional stylistic recognition. Among the most famous models are Rasomuro, L7, Outline doors, Shoin and Koan systems.
Lualdi's long-standing traditions are embodied in the most modern concepts of Italian design applied to interior doors.