Living Hope Church: House of prayer and preaching the word of god

Our mission is to assist those in need of transformation or atonement. We believe that God loves everyone, especially the impoverished and broken.
Living Hope Church is a Christian congregation in Annville, Pennsylvania, United States. Pastor Jeff Usner founded it. The church was founded on the concepts of faith and hope, which implies they trusted in God's power rather than what they could see with their eyes.
Our aim at Living Hope Church, headed by pastor Jeff Usner, is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. We think that there is no substantial difference between rich and poor people; everyone has equal access to Jesus Christ's love, regardless of what they have or do not have in life.

Living Hope Community Church helps underprivileged areas by providing financial aid, rehabilitation programmes, and educational and social service possibilities. With the tagline "In God We Trust," this church has made a name for itself in the community since its founding. We assist individuals in driving through the darkness of life and into the light.
Hands in prayer- The first element of Living Hope Church's mission statement is straightforward: we want people to realise that God loves them unconditionally and that His love transcends all comprehension, boundaries, and obstacles.
Let us sing praise and worship songs to Jesus: It's more than simply a song; it's a means of encouraging people to live the life of Jesus Christ. We can come into contact with God in our own lives through singing praise and worship songs. The Church of the Living God: Living Hope Church