Nickel 200 / 201 Bolts Exporters In India,

Chhajed Steel and Alloys is one of the notable makers and providers of Nickel 200 Bolts and Nickel 201 Bolts, which are being offered at various sizes and shapes as appeared by our customers. Our UNS N02200 Round Head Bolts are strong arrangement supported, currently unadulterated framed materials that give astounding mechanical qualities while in the existences of express halides. UNS N02201 Square Bolts offers dominating blend of high temperature use affirmation, durability, warm security and quality and for the most referencing applications like sustenance managing gear, imploringly started parts, sonar contraptions, and electrical and electronic leads. These Din 2.4066 Allen Cap Screws have high confirmation from temperature, so it will in general be utilized where there is persevering presentation of High Temperature, Hot water, Chemical and Gas.


The breaking down security of Din 2.4068 Machine Screws makes it especially huge for keeping up thing standards in the treatment of sustenances, assembled strands, and devouring dissolvable bases; and also in fundamental applications where affirmation from usage is a prime thought. Other critical highlights of Nickel 200 Hex Boltsare its engaging and magnetostrictive properties, high warm and electrical conductivities, low gas substance and low vapor weight. We offer a broad degree of Nickel 201 Hex Bolts made utilizing affected advancement to ensure exactness in design. Nickel 200 Hex Screwsis Resistance to mineral acids differs as appeared by temperature and fixation and whether the game-plan is streamed air through or not. By the by, breaking down security of Nickel 201 Hex Screws is better in de-coursed air through dangerous. Purchase Alloy 200 Bolts and Alloy 201 Bolts at sensible rates from us.