Odia Book yagyan kalpa Druma Part-2 By Lingarj Tripathy

Homa or Hawan or Yagya, as individuals call it is a vedic custom is by and by in Hindua Spiritual.Ritual and Promising occac since a great many years.Famous yagyas which are referenced Vedic writing are Ashwamedha Yagya , Rajsuya Yagya etc.Yagya contains touching off a sacred fire utilizing unadulterated wood and unadulterated ghee and cow compost cakes and Hawan Samagri and with the cha of Vedic mantras.

Havan,Hawan, Yagna is all around as old as this world is.This book written in Odia Language specifies significance of Havan,different sorts of Yagya, advantages of Yajna. This assists with realizing what are the various strides of Yajna, Cycles associated with Yajna,prerequistes of Yajna. A lovely book written in Odia by PanditLingaraj Tripathy is extremely well known among Puja Practioners in Odisha.