Poultry Cartons: Cardboard Egg Cartons and Sustainable Development


In the field of poultry farming and egg production, it is often the egg carton that is the unsung hero in terms of securing fragile eggs for transportation and storage. Among several materials used for packaging eggs, cardboard egg containers have emerged as a sustainable option. One company that is leading the way in this industry is Poultry Cartons; they are committed to protecting eggs as well as promoting environmental consciousness.

History Of Egg Packaging:

Egg containers have undergone many changes throughout their history. Originally, baskets or crates were used which left them open to being broken or contaminated. By introducing egg cartons that surrounded each individual egg with a protective shell, this transformed how things operated within the sector. These boxes were traditionally made from plastic or story foam which posed ecological issues due to them not being biodegradable but with increased knowledge about sustainability there has been growing popularity surrounding cardboard ones instead.